CPR First Aid also distributes first aid supplies.

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Defibrillator Products

Authorised Distributor of the HeartSine Defibrillator products (distributor no. 2153)
For an investment from just $5 per week or $275 per year (8 year warranty on devices), know that you have the device to save a life!
The most economical devices on the market! Don't spend $500 for a battery replacement every 5 years and $200-$300 for pad replacement every 2 years.
The Heartsine replacement Battery/Pad combo is just $200 every 4 years, That's savings of thousands over the lifespan of your device.
Even better, use your device on a casualty, let us use the AED data and we'll replace the battery/pad back absolutely free!
(All 3 of our AED devices use the same battery/pad back)

Purchase a first aid kit for your workplace or car

*All workplace kits we distribute are compliant for workplaces in Australia

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CPR First Aid Brand Kits:

Small Orange - Voyager Car/Home Kit - $40.00 (Including  P&H)

Large White - Responder Workplace Kit - $110.00 (Including P&H)

Survival First Aid Kits:

Red Survival Workplace Kit - $185.00 (including P&H)

Black Vehicle Kit - $110.00 (including P&H)